Best Arch Support Shoes 2019 – Consumer Reports

All of us have tried different pairs of shoes, and of course, our feet physicality requires different designs to feel the best and most comfortable. To some, they feel way better with the best shoes for arch support. Indeed, that happens. And, this is what we are reviewing today including the arch support shoes for flat feet.

These pairs we are going to briefly review and recommend are nice shoes with good arch support. They have had interesting designs while the overall quality is high along with very good comfort. You could spend a few minutes going through all these below, and you will likely see your favorite best arch support shoes.

1.ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes

First of all to see is this Running Shoes from ASICS. This is one of the high arch support shoes you may be looking for. It has a nice physicality, and it comes with various color stylings you could select. The shoes are as well very good for comfort.

Made from textile and synthetic, the upper of the pair has been made soft and flexible. The lace system is too very convenient. Rubber sole is another big part of the shoes. As it is the high quality rubber, made perfectly to the shoes, you could expect this to perform great.

A few other features to not miss are the Impact Guidance System Technology, the FlyteFoam Midsole Technology, and the FluidRide bounce back and cushioning. These features are functioning over best support, comfort, as well as durability.

What Is Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

In some reviews, this pair of shoes are praised for the fact that it helps people feel much less of their heel pain. Another thing many have been delightful about is the good foot support the pair has had. Lastly, it is the nice looking appearance that gets people to like it, from the first sight.

What Isn’t Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

A few still feel there is not sufficient cushioning integrated into the pair. Several others feel it is a bit stiff, to their pairs.

2.ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On

Instead, if it is the slip-on type with good arch support you are looking for, you had better examine this pair carefully. It has a stylish men design, and the quality it offers is superior. The ECCO Men’s Slip On is really a fine pair many have loved.

The shoes are in full black and are made totally from leather material along with synthetic sole. It has been finished beautifully. In addition, you could expect a lot of comfort too from the pair as cushion has been inserted in various places all over the shoes.

At this moment of time, 5 colors are available, of this particular slip on pair. It is going to make you feel very luxurious with its design and very comfortable with its arch support.

What Is Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

Some people like the pair so very much, saying they have kept buying the pairs for five times already. Another reviewer feel so satisfied saying their pair has lasted for 2 years already. The quality and look are, from most, great.

What Isn’t Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

Some have tried this and compared it with the lace system, and they said the lace shoes are more comfortable. Another complaint is over the fact that it does size off.

3.Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The third best arch support shoes in our today recommendation is this Brooks Men’s Walking Shoes. The shoes are designed best for men who like and often need to walk a lot during the day. One interesting thing about the pair is it has a good arch support, making wearing it very comfortable.

The pair looks nice, strong, and durable, just as you could see. It is made from leather, and black, brown, and white are the available pairs you could select. While leather is used for upper, synthetic material has been combined performing the sole part.

A lot of support, again, is loaded to the arch area, making it low and full of control. The pair is simply very nice to wear for a good comfort all day while its overall quality is pleasantly high.

What Is Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

The shoes are said to perform great, especially over the comfortability. A lot of reviews have stressed they are surprised with how comfortable this pair serves. The quality has also been noticed to be high while the fit is great.

What Isn’t Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

To  few, they agree that this pair is comfortable and help reduces a lot of pain over feet, but they have seen it tearing up in around a month. To them, the durability of the pair could be doubtful.

4.Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker

This another brilliant pair as the best arch support shoes is the Grasshoppers for Women. The lace up sneaker has had a nice design and reliable wearing quality to provide. It is beautiful in its appearance, and it is so affordable to get.

As of now, stone, white and black are the three colors available to select along with multiple sizes you could choose from. These shoes are as well among the best arch support shoes for flat feet. If this is your type, the pair will be doing your service greatly.

What Is Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

A lot of reviews go on saying the pair is great. They simply love them so much. One of them is a nurse and said the pair fits well to the career needs. Some others said they could find very good comfort out of the sneakers, in addition.

What Isn’t Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

A bit of narrow fit is a complaint from several reviews. It could be to the fact that incorrect sizing selection.

5.Brooks Women’s Ghost 11

Our last review fall to the Ghost 11 design by Brooks. This shoe model is exactly made for women, and it has a cut pinky look a lot of women feel like about. The shoes has a mesh man-made material for its upper and synthetic for the sole. This running pair is thus high performing.

It is in addition very lightweight while so much comfortable to wear all day. A lot of support is made to the arch through to the toe, making the pair very favorable. If you are looking for shoes with best arch support, this pair is the right one to examine.

What Is Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

This sneaker is said to be very well made and comfortable. A lot of reviewers are so delightful over the pair as through their experience they have had with the pair. Some even said it is wide enough and very good for flat feet.

What Isn’t Great about this Best Arch Support Shoes

One reviewer said they feel better with Ghost 9 and 10 model than this one. Another feel bad as the shoes tear up within just a week.

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