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Working as a nurse, of course, needs a lot of walking in and out all day. And, that is when it is very important to find the best shoes nurses wear for the daily work environment. In this following review, the best shoes for nurses on feet all day have been featured.

Our team have scanned through, picked up, reviewed and compared so many available best shoes for nurses, and as a result from our evaluation process, we are confident that the follow 5 best pairs are of a great quality, durability as well as a good comfort that keep your feet happy all day.

You may spend several minutes having a look at them, and you will can tell which you love the most.

1.Sticky Shoes – Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes – Waterproof Slip-Resistant – Keep Nursing

The first pair is the Women’s Nursing Shoes. The pair is well designed, looking so cute. The sticky shoes are made waterproof and very slip resistant. This is so compulsory as a nursing shoes. Plenty of color choices are available, in the meantime.

As to the materials, synthetic leather has been used as the shoe upper, and the sole selection is rubber. Both have been well integrated to form such a nice pair of best shoes for nurses on feet all day. Out of its fine construction, the pair has the outsole that is good in traction. And, it will keep slippery incident away.

In addition, the footbed of the pair are made from absorbent material. It will keep the feet dry all day beautifully. You will as well find the pair very light and so comfortable by its shock absorber and anti-torsion system.

What Is Great about the Shoes for Nurses

Many reviewers consider this decision of them on the shoes are good buy. They feel pleasant comfort out of the pair, and feet a great fit all day at work. Lightweight and non slip qualities are what some others stress they love this pair about.

What Isn’t Great about the Shoes for Nurses

To few reviewers, they too are so happy about the comfortable service of the shoes. However, they have found their pairs tearing off the heel part easily. They are a bit upset over this.

2.Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

The second option for consideration is this Professional Mule, made just for woman comfort all day at work. First of all, as you could see in the picture, this shoe looks so nice and durable. The leather looks thick while the stitching gives out a feeling of very strong.

The mule is made completely from leather while having polyurethane running as the sole. The mule design has a heel, measuring about 2 inches, and the platform of the design is 0.75 inches. Additionally, it features the clog, allowing a bit more of rooming for toe box and comfort.

The outsole of the pair, on the other hand, has a rocker bottom, making it very shock absorption. This is another lovely quality, making the mule comfortable and friendly for all day wearing at work.

What Is Great about the Shoes for Nurses

Aside from comfort, a lot of people have praised the pair for its durability. One of the reviews said their pair of this mule has beautifully lasted roughly about 6 or 7 years already. Another feels a miracle out of the shoes, saying it helps them greatly relief their problem of plantar fasciitis.

What Isn’t Great about the Shoes for Nurses

A few have been a bit unpleasant about their incorrect size selection. They have either got it too big or small, making the perfect and comfortable fit no where close.

3.Scurtain Women’s Slip-On Mesh Walking Shoes Nurse Shoes Casual Moccasin Loafers Driving Shoes Plus Size

Comparing to the first two, this next walking shoes for nurses have had a complete difference in design. However, the pair looks so nice on its own. This women’s slip on has also been very delightful about.

It is fully meshed around for the upper, and it has the PU and air cushioning feature in its sole. That makes the shoes very light and highly breathable. This is good for all day wearing them at work.

At the same time, the shoes feature the slip on design without any lacing. This is easy for putting them on and off. Likewise, the shoe body has been cushioned in many ways to bring out a lot of comfort in the pair. Lastly to notice, the platform it has measures about 1.96 inches.

What Is Great about the Shoes for Nurses

People found and felt a lot of cushions and comfort with in the shoes. It is one big reason why they have been so joyful with the pair. Some others are satisfied with the shoes for the fact that they look cute and very breathably by its mesh.

What Isn’t Great about the Shoes for Nurses

A few have warned over sizing issue. Some of them got the wrong size, making their pair not pleasantly fit well.

4.M&M SCRUBS – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes/Nursing Clogs

Coming in various colors to select, this another design is the women’s scrubs. They are also the best shoes for nurses on feet all day. The shoes are, first of all, beautifully designed. The weight of them is so light, in the meantime, making it so comfortable and friendly to wear.

Moreover, out of its design like you might have seen above, the shoes are easily put on and off. Even more, the pair is so very affordable to get. Should it is the kind of pair you are looking for, this is likely your favorite one to be.

You could too expect a lot of comfort and a long durability from the pair as good materials have been used to produce the pair out, and a lot of buyers have had very good feedbacks over the shoes.

What Is Great about the Shoes for Nurses

Out of the customer reviews, the shoes are loved for the cute look, the comfort, as well as the roomy space at the toe area. A lot of nurses simply feel so good wearing the pair, and that is why they rated it so positively 5 stars.

What Isn’t Great about the Shoes for Nurses

Some else find the pair not exactly as the picture and ugly. Some more padding are demanded for a better comfort.

5.Women’s Cute Lightweight Nursing Shoes – Memory Foam – Printed – Florence Ocean

This last choice as the best shoes for nurses on feet all day is this beautiful pair of the Florence Ocean. The pair is made just for healthcare professionals. They looks so lovely and they are padded so much for extra comfort.

The shoes are lightweight, but the durability is amazing. High quality polyester is used to make it lasting so. The upper of the pair is very breathable with a good elastic to let you put on and off easily. Also, you will find the pair so easy to clean and quick drying.

What Is Great about the Shoes for Nurses

The quality of the shoes are said great along with a super fit and comfort. It is these simple reasons that get so many to love the pair dearly, rating it top. A few others said the pair is so light and friendly to wear at their nursing job.

What Isn’t Great about the Shoes for Nurses

A couple of reviews are so so about the pair. One of them said they feel a good comfort out of the shoes but it makes the feet badly sweat. Another wishes it lasts longer as they too love the shoes.

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